Johen and Reeves


Property Management
Many landlords prefer to have the day-to day running of their property left in the hands of professionals as they may not have the resources to do the job by themselves.

Many Tenants, just like landlords also prefer to have professional management as it runs hassle free and everything relating to the property is handled efficiently and smoothly by professionals.

Our experience in property management is second to none as you can always expect the highest level of professionalism as every member of our dedicated team under-goes rigorous training and attend extensive induction programmes which is continually refreshed through out their times with us.

We are committed to providing excellent service to our clients and supporting our valued clients. We also welcome feedbacks from our clients as this enables us to improve our services to you

We have a very reliable team of handy men, fully qualified electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators who have all being vetted appropriately, insured and are able to carry out their duties efficiently and can provide reliable service.

Management services

Our services are tailored to the precise requirements of the landlord and the property provided. We assist Landlords in Rent Collection We collect rents from tenants and forward them directly to the landlord through our bank accounts, pursue money owed by tenants, provide landlords with a monthly statement of account, advice landlords and also provide landlord with any details of any legal proceedings against a tenant.

Preparation of Property

We ensure the property is clean and in a good condition for a new tenant, provide the amount of keys required for a property, ensure the property is up to standard for a new tenant. We will also advise the landlord on refurbishment if essential and provide our in-house specialist tradesmen to carry out any necessary work.

Property Maintenance

We act as a contact point for customers and deal with their queries and handling repairs. We operate a 24hr emergency line and in a situation where the problem is complex, we will liaise with you (landlord) and come up with the best possible solution.


We contact all relevant authorities to ensure all names on utilities are transferred to the new occupant’s names. E.g. Gas, Electricity, Council tax, TV licensing and Water.


Fully qualified personal will carry out inspections on your property and report the conditions to you and also inform you if the property requires any action. We will also ensure that the property complies with current legislation and arrange for safety certificates as required.


We can also arrange for insurance for contents of the property and rent guarantee insurance.


At the end of the tenancy, a report will be prepared based on ARLA, S guidelines on dilapidation claims and negotiate deposit deductions on your behalf. If we can not reach an agreement, we will refer the dispute to the deposit scheme’s arbitration service. The property will be cleaned and returned to you or prepared for the next tenancy.